Imagine This! It Could Happen. Stay Tuned…

6/8 West Palm Beach, FL – Cruzan Ampitheater
6/9 Tampa, FL – Ford Ampitheater
6/11 Atlanta, GA – HiFi Buys Ampitheater
6/12 Atlanta, GA – HiFi Buys Ampitheater
6/13 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
6/16 Houston, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
6/17 Dallas, TX – Smirnoff Music Center
6/19 Bonner Springs, KS – Sandstone Amphitheater
6/20 Maryland Heights, MO – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
6/22 Noblesville, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Center
6/23 Noblesville, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Center
6/24 Noblesville, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Center
6/26 East Troy, WI – Alpine Valley Music Theatre
6/27 East Troy, WI – Alpine Valley Music Theatre
6/30 Clarkston, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre
7/1 Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Blossom Music Center
7/3 Bristow, VA – Nissan Pavilion
7/4 Bristow, VA – Nissan Pavilion
7/7 Bethel, NY – Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
7/8 Bethel, NY – Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
7/11 Mansfield, MA – Comcast Center
7/12 Mansfield, MA – Comcast Cente
7/15 Toronto, ON – The Molson Amphitheatre
7/16 Burgettstown, PA – Post-Gazette Pavilion
7/18 Camden, New Jersey – The Susquehanna Bank Center
7/19 Camden, New Jersey – The Susquehanna Bank Center
8/2 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Ampitheater
8/3 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Ampitheater
8/4 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Ampitheater
8/5 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Ampitheater
8/8 Phoenix, AZ – Cricket Pavillion
8/9 Chula Vista, CA – Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
8/11 Hollywood, CA – Hollywood Bowl
8/12 Hollywood, CA – Hollywood Bowl
8/14 Mountainview, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View
8/15 Mountainview, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View
8/16 Mountainview, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View
8/20 George, WA – The Gorge Amphitheatre
8/21 George, WA – The Gorge Amphitheatre
8/22 George, WA – The Gorge Amphitheatre


59 Responses to “Imagine This! It Could Happen. Stay Tuned…”

  1. so ticketsnow has now dropped the mansfield show and picked up the pittsburgh show, wtf?

  2. Simple024 Says:

    Wasn’t Phish kicked out of Red Rocks/Morrison?

  3. down with ticketsnow! Says:

    class action lawsuit now!

  4. Rumor I heard was that they were kicked out for 10 years. Which would have expired in 06. We’ll see.

  5. Damn Miner,

    According to the rumors you’ve posted over the past few months Phish is playing in April, May, June, July, August and September. Busy time for the boys.

    The end of this list of dates looks pretty good but me thinks the beginning is way off. Wasn’t Jones Beach a “lock?”

  6. i guess all we can really say is that when the tour pops up on we’ll know for sure…. we really probably wont know before then, but so far it looks like we’ve got shows for 3/6-8/09, 6/9/09 and 6/18/09

  7. ^^LOL, Scotty! I also don’t think they will start in FLA. Anyway, got these from an industry source, and figured I’d throw em up here. I think the Summer will begin in Northeast…. (MSG, Jones Beach, Great Woods, etc.)……I just report what I hear…..rumors are rumors……

    I think it will Hamtpton, June East Coast/midwest, August West Coast…just a guess.

  8. That is an absolutely retarded schedule. This isn’t 1995.

    Shocked you would even put that up.

  9. asheville civic center is all but confirmed for June 9th ..

    I talked to the people in the box office here who said they were still working out details with the promoters before the dates can be officially announced, but that something is definitely in the works.


    amazing .. hometown show .. never thought it possible.

  10. shpongleyez Says:

    That looks like a recipe for relapse…

  11. Parking lots across America! I love this shit! Can’t believe so many people are down on this post. I used to live for this and today it really hit me, we are on the cusp of a summer tour announcement, and one that is relevant! First-timers, one-timers, old-timers, last-timers, every-timers (Miner!?!) we all get to dance in the light and buzz of this band for at least another summer.

    Whether its in the northeast, the northwest, the midwest, the wildwest, or even the middle east, I am ready to party! Hope to see you kids this summer.

  12. any one agree “Backwards Down The Number line will be opening Phish 3.0???

  13. Is it just me or is this board off by an hour?

    and MP you’ll see me. I cant wait to dance in the light umpteen more times.

    Dunno if I’ll make it to the middle east shows tho. Im kinda like Hunter Thompson, desert weather dries me out. “I was pouring sweat. My blood is too thick for Nevada. I’ve never been able to properly explain myself in this climate.”

  14. I like the call for buried alive or a song without lyrics since we wont hear them anyway. rock and roll part 2 perhaps?? no way but you get the idea. and i dunno about playing a song that tab owned as the opener even if its meant for phish. i say that will be second set. i cant wait to hear it tho.

  15. Backwards Down the Number Line, YEM. They told me.

  16. waiting for full tour announcement Says:


  17. Mr. Miner…
    These dates have been circulating on PT and other msg boards for awhile. Although I love your site like no other, I am suprised you put these dates up..

    The only concrete info I think we have is 6/6 and 6/18…

    Livenation doesnt put something up with ticket info and what not if it is nannies….

  18. Not to be a fanboy or anything but why don’t you guys lay off. 3 or 4 people have said that these are fake and can’t believe miner for posting. Isn’t it fun to play along until we have the real ones? If not go make your own site that gives us shows everyday and only posts facts. I’ve been checking all day looking for stuff along with all the other sites. It’s nice to dream about seeing 41 summer shows.

  19. My only point is the only two dates that have some validity to them are the Great Woods and Starlake…Because they were on legit sites. Ticketsnow and LN dont make mistakes when it comes to stuff like that…They dont post dates which arent confirmed..I would go by these then rumors that have been circulating through the internet for a month or so by now…I could be wrong…But it seems the only substantial dates we know fly in the face of the dates which were posted

  20. SquidMonola Says:

    -Backwards down the number line as the opener? not a bad song, but i would prefer something more phishy.

  21. backwards down the number line, yem works just fine…

  22. squid, i would love to see something else open, but Backwards is a good tune, and i honestly think it’ll help set the tone for this next era of Phish. I dont think it’ll be played every night or anything, not at all…. i was just listening to it yesterday though and could imagine the lights going and the boys busting that one out. Backwards Down The Number Line, You Enjoy Myself, Peaches En Regalia, Fluffhead > The Curtain With, Wilson, Tube Run Like an Antelope. Check it, that’ll be the first set. haha 😛

  23. Still hopin for an exstensive summer tour, but i think we will get a bunch of mini runs. Maybe two or three night stands at our favorite venues. Still hoping for one more time at the spectrum or three. MSG>Spectrum would be wonderful. I despise Ticketsnow, we should all boycott this company, they are manipulating all of us. Enough ranting, anyone heard anything more about the Hampton simulcast….
    Here’s to a great summer run for all of us…

  24. UPDATE: Looks like June dates are pretty much in the bag –
    Who’s Got My Heady Organic Phish dates?

  25. UPDATE2: ok, I saw the Mail Order site myself – here’s a link to a screenshot of the June ’09 Phish dates!

  26. contact420 Says:

    This doesn’t make sense. If the request time ends jan 17th that means mail -order started already!


    its not mail order…its a lottery again….good luck…we’ll all need it!

  28. Phis is rumored to be appearing on the Colbert Report before they play at hampton.

  29. Looks like you were right on the Hampton opener FULL TOUR! Congrats! Who would’ve thought that would be the song! 😀

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