Weekend Nuggets: Paul Remasters Providence


12.13.99 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI < LINK

1999-12-13gnOur own resident sonic engineer, Paul Gwynne Smith, has brought us yet another remastered gem from Phish’s past.  This time, he has worked his magic with a special night from Providence in December ’99.  The entire night, focused centrally on groove, was foreshadowed by the always-elusive and raucous “Tube” opener.  The first set was anchored by the mid-set combo of “Gumbo” and “Moma Dance, while the second features one of the most extended and exciting “Sand”s from the run.  Thanks to Paul, we now have a crispy snapshot of some superb late-’99 Phish.  This was first return to the Civic Center after the cosmic Island Run.  These are single song downloads again, so create a new folder and have at it.  Thanks, Paul!

I: Tube, Cars Trucks Buses, Gumbo, The Moma Dance, Piper*, Theme From the Bottom

II: Gotta Jiboo, NICU, Sand, The Inlaw Josie Wales, Mountain in the Mist, Limb by Limb, Golgi Apparatus, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Silent in the Morning#, Heavy Things

*With Trey on keys.  #Not accompanied by “The Horse.”



“YEM” jam 4.5.98 Providence Civic Center Pt.1

YEM jam Pt. 2


20 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Paul Remasters Providence”

  1. missing golgi and slave…

  2. full tour: ANNOUNCED! Says:

    i love those ’99 “tubes!”…thanks….for another BLISTERING 1999 tube…check out 9/28/99 oak mountain’s opening 1-2-3 punch of: “wolfmans”> “Sneakin’ sally”> “tube”…..yowzers!!!! This show was the heat…and it wasn’t just the black gel tab speaking 😉

  3. definitely digging the YEM jam.. as always, THANKS MR.MINER!!!

  4. Golgi and slave will be up within a half hour of whenever this message’s posted time is. Always upload issues….

  5. ^ IMO, one of the best YEMs ever…

  6. Still no go on Golgi/Slave. But, thanks for some more good quality 99

  7. camman the kid Says:

    Miner… please check that emailizzle of yours

  8. When I try downloading a few of the second set songs it comes up with

    No servers are currently online with the requested file on it. (-22)
    You can retry your request in a few minutes or contact support. Please reference the file URL and the error code -22.

    What’s the deal??

  9. check back soon, Paul is working on Golgi and Slave

  10. All songs should be working now…

  11. contact420 Says:

    What’s the shnid# for this source? I would like to look for a lossless copy @ bt.etree.org. Thanks in advance.

  12. contact420 Says:

    shnid# 31783 looks very nice actually.

  13. Thank you, Thank you! I loves me some Dec. ’99 run. In a perfect world Winter tour should always come after Fall tour!! Providence was no joke. My pick of that run has got to be Set 2 from 12-8 Portland, ME. Epic Sand to start things off and that Piper was pure BLISS!

  14. That Portland piper is awesome

  15. Nice show all around, 1999 is oft-overlooked due to the creaminess of 1998. Went to a nice run of fall shows, Vancouver, 2@Gorge, Portland Meadows. check out Portland, OR 9-12-99, best Ghost ever. If anyone has this let us know.

  16. John Campion Says:

    Gotta love them hometown shows

  17. Sooooo, anyone else feeling withdrawl symptoms??? I need my daily fix! Starting to get the sheakes here…..jk. Miner, you deserve a day off

  18. @ Full Tour….I totally agree with the 9.28.99 Pelham, AL show. STRAIGHT DIGGITY FIRE! I got 4th row Fish side that evening & had an absolute blast. On the copy I have, as Sneakin’ opens up you can hear my buddy “Woo Hoo!!!” before the lyric starts. Classic. 46 days till kickoff….tick-tock

    “well I cant find, nothing wrong with being freinds,
    cause sometimes,….she lets me use her car….”

  19. 46 Days

  20. taste the fear…for the lot scene is drawing near

    46 days and the lights go out

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