Phish Adds Knoxville on June 10th!

header-new1Just announced, Phish adds Thompson-Boiling Arena in Knoxville, TN to their Summer Tour! Tickets requests can be made here between now and Sunday.  This is a 20,000 person GA venue, making up for some of the smaller shows during the same week. This also is an obvious sign that Bonnaroo is going to be part of their tour as well. Keem ’em coming!


29 Responses to “Phish Adds Knoxville on June 10th!”

  1. wow….quite an interesting twist

  2. not really

  3. brandofunk Says:

    minor are hitting every show? I hope so because ill be refreshing this page every night of the tour!!

  4. Of course we are hitting every night!!

  5. While in Knoxville don’t forget to visit the Sun Sphere!

  6. yeah, for sure..but the posts wont be up till the am….

  7. Well, this turned me into a believer. Definitely going.

  8. keep these dates coming…

  9. brandofunk Says:

    thanks minor
    Ill be hitting jones beachs, mass and camden! ::fingers crossed::

    dan, I love to hear the optimism! !

  10. When did they say that the ticket requests for summer tour will be handed out?

  11. this is great news! It’s amazing to me that within 6 months I’ll have seen 9 phish shows! (hamptonX3, asheville, knoxville now, starlake->deer creek->alpineX2 woohoo!!)

  12. I said interesting because I think it obviously confirms bonnaroo 😉

  13. themanatee Says:

    ohhh miner you so nice

  14. What is all this stuff I’ve heard regarding Roo’s “no playing within a radius of the festival” claus and now a Knoxville show and still talk of them being at Roo?

    How could I’ve been misled (wink)?

  15. I was thinking ashville/The Fox were going to be the must see shows, but I think now Knoxville has taken the place of Ashville. This is going to be THE show of the summer tour. With kids traveling to roo, it will be a hot tic, with a lot of anticipation. Cause the room is bigger it will be rockin as compared to a more mellow show at ashville and the fox. Oh..Im going.

  16. Obviously Bonnaroo has waived their non-compete clause for Phish (assuming the Bonnaroo rumors come to fruition). Or is this a sign that Bonnaroo has fallen through?

  17. you think knoxvilewill be hotter then the fox? maybe im biased cause its in STL, but i think they’re goin go rage that tiny roo after blowing out bonnaroo. knoxville will only begin that sick run

  18. I guess I just think the fox will be more mellow. I prefer a louder rock and roll environment. Maybe I should just say different. When they play bigger rooms I get the sense that they try to extend themselves further to reach that back row, making bigger explosions. I like little shows too, its all preference. Also those little filler songs dont work as much in those big arenas. Less of the Anything but me’s, circus comes to town, Roggae. Even though I love those songs when trying to nap (seriously)..They dont make me dance crazy though. Hope WE get fox tickets none the less.

  19. agreed man… i listen to billy breathes as i go to sleep most night….

  20. story of the ghost album for me

  21. nice… the stpry of the ghost is just to infectious for me.. i would get to bobbin’ and dancing in bed and never get to sleep… but none the less it wouldbe time well spent

  22. OverNiteSensation Says:

    Best thing to fall asleep to — an epic ambient journey like the waves from IT

  23. hey mr minor can you do more of those downloads , like the providence 99 … that was great and thanks a lot

  24. ^ thanks man…There is a show for download every single day– not always remasters like Providence, but always great shows with great sound

  25. this is awesome. miner-do you maybe have that second set from SPAC 04. been trying to find it ever since i read about it, just not happening. much obliged for everything you do for this community. 🙂

  26. Keep em commin

  27. I think the announcement of Knoxville confirms that Phish will NOT be at the Roo. It is a simple ticket selling ploy by the folks at the controls. What happened to the rule of no shows within 1 week /100 miles? What better way to get folks to buy roo tickets ahead of artist release? Phish is not playing Bonaroo. This announcement confirms this. Before you react, stop and think about this.

  28. i requested two tix for this show. i think htis confirms phish playing the roo. two shows in that area and they have the weekend for the roo open. it looks like a no brainer to me.

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