Weekend Nuggets: Gamehoist


6.26.94 Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, WV < LINK

savegamehendge-395x561Here is one of Phish’s most unique shows of all time.  For starters, imagine walking into a show that opened with “Kung.”  The odd opener proceeded to be the portal to a complete first-set Gamehendge narration in the band’s first visit to West Virginia. Capped with a triumphant “Divided Sky,” the first set was enough to carry any show. But the second set was even more unique than the first.  Coming on stage, the band played their newly released album of Hoist in its entirety.  Not only did they play all the songs in the same order, they played them identically to the album versions; or as close as humanly possible.  The band even tacked a “Split” jam on the end of “Demand,” though not quite as nasty as jam from 4.21.93 in Columbus, OH that is featured on Hoist.  Throw a rare “Tube” in a four song encore, and you’ve got a certifiable piece of Phish history that is a must have for any collector.

I: Kung > Llama > Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > The Divided Sky

121996757_593853d83eII: Julius, Down With Disease, If I Could, Axilla [Part II], Lifeboy, Sample in a Jar, Wolfman’s Brother, Scent of a Mule, Dog Faced Boy, Demand*

E: The Old Home Place**, Amazing Grace, Tube, Fire

*With “Split Open and Melt” jam & “Y-Rushalayim Schel Zahav” ending.**First time played.



6.21.94 “Mound” Cincinnati, OH

208 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Gamehoist”

  1. Drama for your mama on the phishthoughts comments page. If you guys wanted Alpines you coulda got em’. I had no trouble after about 2 1/2 hours of servers crashing. Just redial a billion times and refresh a billion times. Don’t wait for the waiting rooms.

  2. noone should be fighting over getting into Alpine. You will score $20-30 lawns on lot- no question. People need to stop stressing tickets so much. You will find them. I have no idea what the circumstances were, but i echo Billy Breathes in saying –we are 5 months out! Plenty of time to find a ticket, and as I said in Friday’s post, aside for Fox and Ash, you WILL find tix in the lot, NO QUESTION. If you are just looking to get in, regardless of where the ticket is (b/c you can obviuosly find your way to wherever you want), you WILL find a lawn AT LEAST. Camman, I know you feel slighted right now, but I am sure B. Breathes wasn’t trying to screw you- everyone loves you here, you are like our little brother. You will come to know that tix are VERY available at every show. Noone should feel like they are screwed in ANY way b/c they don’t have a ticket right now….you’ll be fine, just be persistent. For real. Cam, what tix do you need?

    for sale/trade: Star Lake Lawn x 2 / I need Camden pavilion. (Will do 2 for 1 for 100 Camden pav.)

  3. Tadcaster Says:

    Amen Miner. Sanity rules after things settle a bit.

    Really looking forward to a show. I can already feel it in my gut.

  4. No more moaning….A battle for Phish tickets is a welcome battle in my world…Never thought I would have this chance again!!
    Relax …yes the system sucks…but ..in the end we will all get to see a show again….just let the dust settle….enjoy the opportunity

  5. Got 2 extra Deer Creek (lawn) for trade…need both nites alpine

  6. Thanks miner

    i really appreciate what you had to say and i guess im still learning all of that stuff. this will be my first tour… i dont know how hard tickets will be to score or what the lot scene will be like. i appreciate the support and i understand b.breathes that sometimes shit happens. it’s all good man. i’ve just bee letting the excitement and frustration of summer tour get the best of me….

    As for tickets that i NEED:

    1 to Fox, 1 to Bonnaroo, 3-5 for Knoxville

  7. BingosBrother Says:

    @Miner Obviously I know I will get tix for shows. I’ve gotten lot tix for Halloween shows for face. Had this happened to you, you’d be singing a different tune unless you’re Ghandi. I’m sure he wasn’t intentionally screwing anyone, but by making promises he couldn’t keep has led to me unintentionally screwing my friends over. As bad as I feel, I feel worse for Camman having his first Phish tix be such a clusterfuck. It’s been five long years and tensions are running high. I probably shouldn’t have let it get to me this much, but today is a new day. I forgive you BillyBreathes, no hard feelings. Peace.

  8. I know we will all get tickets for the shows that we want. Does any feel that the error issues/server crashing/not ready for the demand, is going to cause a lot of people to go to these venues without a ticket, thus causing parking issues or even traffic issues. This will not stop me, but it seems that Live Nation was not ready for this. IMO. Please let me know if anyone has extra pavillion for Alpine. Thank you.

  9. it’s alright bingo, i mean, once summer tour was announced, i kind of expected this to happen, i wasn’t completely oblivious. i knew that over the past 5 year Phish has grown more popular. There’s a whole new generation of phans, myself included that just can’t phunking wait to boogie down in June. hopefully as the months go by tickets will be easier to get, what upsets me the most though is that only show that isn’t 6-7+ hours away from me is the Fox Theatre show… It’ll be the 1st show in Missouri in what, 13 something years? and unless i meet Ghandi and he’s willing to sell me one for face, i may have to cough up a few Benjamins to get in. It may have to come down to choosing the Fox or Bonnaroo… I want to go to both shows equally and can’t believe that bind and all the bullshit thats been created by this tour already. I love the band, but damn it seems like we are all having to jump through some MAJOR hoops to see them. I’ve got to be at both those shows, i’m just not how it’ll happen… I’ve wanted nothing for the past 6 years then to go to Bonnaroo, i’ve always dreamed of it, since i was about 11 or so, and now it looks like it may happen, and Phish will be there too!!!!! but how could i pass up the Fox show, in that gorgeous theatre, possibly the smallest show they’ll ever play again, and it’s in my back yard…. oh i’m torn… what to do fellas?

  10. Here’s a tip for those freaking out about tickets: On the livenation pages when tix went on sale, there was a DOS option, which means Day of Show. Apparently, an allotment of tickets will be released at midnight on the night before the show. Remember, this is LIVENATION SHOWS ONLY, so it won’t work for Fox, Asheville, Knox, etc. But if you still don’t have tix by then, give it a shot!

    But having been to lots of Phish shows, I agree with the sentiment that there is always a ticket floating around for you. If you’re on lot looking for a ticket, do me a favor and SMILE! The one thing that annoys me is some kids walking around with their fingers in the air, looking angry, or zombie-like, like they either deserve to get the ticket or couldn’t care less if they get one or not. Whenever I have an extra, I always give it to the smiler, the person who looks genuinely excited about seeing Phish. That, of course, is just me.

    One of the fun parts of the search for tickets is when you get in, and the lights go down, and you reflect on all the stress you went through to score tix, all the worrying, the nail-biting, the scheming and bartering. And as the band walks out, you just laugh at it all, because you were meant to be there, and you know it, and it was really a whole lot easier than it seemed.

    I’ll see you all at Phish!!!!!!!

  11. BingosBrother Says:

    Thanks elbows. Appreciate the info. I also love to give it to the smilers. Can’t wait for the lights to go down and hear the roar, the roar unlike any other in the whole world.

  12. i will definetly be smiling elbow… simply because im on the lot of a phish show.. it’ll be the second biggest grin i’ve ever had…. the first will be had once i get inside and Chris dims those lights yet again….

    “i’m the man who walks the hillside in the sweet summer sun..”

  13. hey Miner… is this just an awesome sounding tape? it’s great.

  14. Via a good buddy, I have 3 Ashveville extras. I would like to trade:

    2 Ashevilles for 1 Hampton Saturday
    1 Asheville for 1 Camden 100 level.


    3 Ashevilles for Sat Hampton and 1 Camden 100 level

    you know my email… get at me…

    (^and to machead- yes, just a great sounding tape)

  15. full tour: announced! Says:

    ^ i got a pavillion level mansfield to trade for an asheville….just putting that out there 🙂

  16. full tour: announced! Says:

    also there is a new message on phish.com about the weekends events.

  17. luv this feeling…pHISH is back! ’09 startin to feel gr8!!!!

  18. phish’s new message on this site does mean a lot… if only it would help me get into the Fox 😛

    Miner, any chance your hook-up had extra Fox’s too?

  19. my quest for Fox tickets will have to wait another day, now it’s time for some Football

  20. ebay has a link for 2 FOX $489 “Buy In Now”! Good deal IMO. There are 9 PAIRS available.

    Here is the link:


  21. yea, i cant cough up $489 right now… i dont even have $4.89…… i need to wait a while a save up some bank…

  22. full tour: announced! Says:

    i have a mansfield pavillion seat to trade for an asheville. please help. i originally wanted to go to mansfield, but i am short a ticket. so if someone has a mansfiels anything for face or wants to trade an asheville for one mansfiled pavillion please drop me a line here. serious kind offers only, no internet BS. thanks

  23. I got screwed!!! I was shut for Hampton and the summer by both the lottery and Ticketmaster. I am absolutely heartbroken. PLEASE HELP! Just one ticket to one show would be a godsend. PLEASE HELP! PLEASE????

  24. Hope everyone got what they wanted. I got a fox ticket but got shutout of Deer Creek and Alpine. I’ve been reading the posts and do you guys really think that tickets at Alpine are going to be easy to score? In 04′ my buddy tried talking me out of buying ticks ahead of time because he was sure we could find em there but once there no tickets could be found. I mean my friend gave an extra for free in 03′ couldn’t even get a dollar for it. Luckily I talked him into buying tickets beforehand. Out of four other friends only one got in. I’m just kind of scared to drive all that way and get shutout. I guess you can hear the show pretty well from the alpine lot though…

  25. Thanks for posting that video from 6.21.94!

    If you look REALLL close, you can see my head bopping/banging in the corner stage left. If that camera guy had panned out a bit during Mound, you would’ve see me and this burly biker guy jump up on stage, right in front of the monitors next to Page. The orchestra pit was about 6 feet below the lip of the stage, and after pulling my self up, I turned around to “see” what Phish sees when they’re playing.

    Quite a lot of energy coming my way 🙂

    This gang of cops (there was at least 4, and one female, and she was cute) comes rushing over, and just points at us, and points at the ground. We jumped down! No kicked out, no Carini, no nothing.

    Ah, small theatres in 1994. Which is precisely why I’ll be in the Fox on the 16th! Maybe I can get up on stage…;)

    Oh, and if you’re ever having one of those silly (we all have them) “best ever” conversations about Split Open and Melt, there’s no need to look further than this show. Composed song-within a song type shit.


  26. hey all – I synced the audio up to this 6/21/94 video myself (using 48Khz SHNs of this source: http://db.etree.org/shninfo_detail.php?shnid=7810),

    after acquiring the DVD in a trade (of the show with the original camera audio, which was borderline unlistenable due to the muddiness)

    Great to see that it was posted on Youtube, and made its way over to Phish Thoughts!

  27. kevin are hollo Says:

    hey debo,

    if you still have a hard copy, i’d be interested. the australian fella that posted that vido on youtube never responded to my inquiries:

    the split open and melt that i mentioned (remember? BEST EVER. PERIOD!) is cut off in the video! it’s gone! god is laughing at me!

    help out if you can.


  28. Gamehenge420 Says:

    Trying to get onto the tix exchange

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