“Twist > 2001 > Moma”

3.7.09 (S.Wiltse)

3.7.09 (S.Wiltse)

One of the tightest musical segments of Hampton, and certainly one of the most exciting, was the “Twist > 2001 > Moma” late on night three.  Combining three of the last remaining songs in their eighty tune
repertoire for the weekend, Phish put together the run’s biggest musical climax.  In a show that featured the most precise and highest-energy playing from the band, these jams fit right in.  This crowd pleasing knockout punch featured some of the biggest outright dance grooves of a weekend that focused more on composition and abstract jamming.

3.8.09 (J. DiGiuseppe)

3.8.09 (J.DiGiuseppe)

Trey growled out of the composed section of “Twist,” speaking through his raunchiest, uncompressed tone, and Mike shot laser beam bass lines, similar to several ambient ’03 “Twists.”   Their interplay to start the jam stood out; Mike taking the lead melody as Trey spat distorted, yet expressive, licks with his guitar.  Page chimed in with some electro-sounds, adding a completely new sonic element to the puzzle.  This music represented some supremely different electro-Phish, as all three non-drummers used unique and over the top tones.  The band morphed into a dark psychedelic milieu before the music slowed down quite a bit.  Turning blissfully ambient, Phish used their “amoeba-like jamming” to create surreal textures.  But minutes into this deepening musical path, the band subtly- on the drop of a dime- slipped out of the sonic stew into the beginning of “2001!”  Trey led the way with a beautiful descending melody, carrying everyone into outer space as Mike revved up the bass-heavy groove.

In one of the slyest transitions of the weekend, Phish transformed

3.7.08 (S.Wiltse)

3.7.08 (S.Wiltse)

Hampton Coliseum into “The Mothership,” and the venue careened through the corridors of outer space.  With slammin’ funk grooves, the band initiated a short, but oh-so-sweet, dance session that brought the highest energy of the night.  An old-school version, this “2001” was simple, chunky, and ripping.  Like candy for the mind, the rhythmic patterns dusted off a part of our soul that had lay dormant for five years.  As the band quickly reached the second peak of the song, what would they launch into?  What did they have left?

3.8.09 (J. DiGiuseppe)

3.8.09 (J.DiGiuseppe)

As Phish sustained the climax of the song for seconds after the last note, they collectively made the hugest drop of the weekend into the tar-thick funk of “Moma Dance.”  It was virtually a joke how well this setlist was written, forcing everyone to dig deep into their reserves of energy- but no one had any trouble finding them.  A song with a bit of Hampton history, this performance gave a raucous nod to 1997’s epic “Tweezer > Black-Eyed Katy.”  Page absolutely tore up the clav all over this song, much like every other song over the weekend with one keyboard or another. With the smoothest lounge-funk, Phish completed what was the tightest and most energetic excursion of the run.

Phish saved some of their most spectacular playing for late in their three-day magic show.  Leaving the audience with the best music of the run throughout the last set, the band left people jonesing for more.  Blowing up one of the standout musical stanzas of all three shows right near the end, Phish left many a fan with the question, “Is it June yet?”



3.7.09 Hampton Coliseum < LINK

3.7.09 Hampton Coliseum < TORRENT LINK

I: Get Back On The Train, Runaway Jim, Brian and Robert, Split Open and Melt, Heavy Things, Punch You in the Eye, Gumbo, Reba > Mexican Cousin, It’s Ice, Halley’s Comet, Beauty of a Broken Heart, Guelah Papyrus, Lawn Boy, Run Like An Antelope

II: Rock and Roll > Limb By Limb, Ghost > Piper > Birds of a Feather, Wolfman’s Brother, Prince Caspian, Mike’s Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Character Zero
E: A Day in the Life

Source:  (FOB) Schoeps mk22 > kc5 > cmc6xt > Audiomagic Hyperconductors > Grace Design Lunatec V2 > Darktrain Custom Cables > Sound Devices 744t (@ 24 bit / 48 kHz)

Transferred by: Jason Sobel; A Team BTG Production brought to you by:Dave F, Scott G, baustin, Greg L, Mikey K, Carrington C, Matthew, Rick, Eliot, Oliver, Foxy, Steve F, Tara, Jimbo, BHadella, Jenny, Jerryfreak, and more…



“3.6.09 Encore” Photo by Jeff Kravitz @ insidecelebpics.com

144 Responses to ““Twist > 2001 > Moma””

  1. “I always like Carini because that’s about as close as Phish comes to being Metal.”

    Saw it Again!

  2. alumnidog Says:

    for those looking to get the abb show from last night with trey and page – here it is:

  3. contact420 Says:

    Amen SOAM I miss my Jerry Licks too, so very much!!!

  4. Twist>2001>Moma was definitely one of my favorite listening spans from the Hampton shows. I’m not the biggest fan of the “woo” in Twist. (Sorry SOAM.) I let a lot of Phish’s cheesy/goofy stuff slide but that “woo” irritates the crap out of me.

    The rest of the song is fine, good even. and I definitely love the jams that Twist spawns. And when an especially nice Twist jam drops into the 2001 beat… Wow. And when a 2001 leaps into a Moma. Double wow. That would be the highlight of most any show.

    I thought Scents and Subtle Sounds was one of the best songs from 2.0.
    I’d like to see them take a stab at the Scents intro and then come back later and play the song proper (kind of like a reverse Tweezer). If they tried this, they’d need to find an arrangement that would work live. I think they pulled it off this past weekend with Undermind but it works the other way, too. Secret Smile is beautiful on the album but, unfortunately, is just plain terrible live.

  5. If you are irritated at a gig you should hang out with my wife who is irritated when I’m at gigs solo.

  6. Thunderhead and meat were shockingly absent and i have been pissed ever since…

  7. Chalkdustin Says:

    Thanks so much, alumni! Appreciate it, man!

  8. contact420 Says:

    The Twist “woo” part is an influence from the glam rock era ala T-Rex! that’s where that influence comes from y’all

  9. y’all-wtf?

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    LINK UP for 3.7. Sorry it took so long- will re-post as part of weekend nugs.

  11. SOAM: jer == hot dogs + heavy mayo, yo. heinous. like a crap-food speedball. I loved him, but fucking A.

    If ur ever at oregon country fair ask Chez Ray about the dead’s taste in food. He’d cook all this semi gourmet shit for them and no one wanted anything but burgers or whatever. Still chaps his ass but he loves to talk about his backstage time

    if you like weird ass old dead just wait for the next official release – tremble and explode time, srsly, duck and cover, drop em if you got em

  12. I should hang out with your wife? This got weird.

    I’m not down on (the rest of) Twist by any means, just the “woos,” which to me, is about the lamest thing to happen in any phish song.

    I’m no connoisseur of glam metal but if that’s the case, I hope they’re finished with T-Rex references.

    (The Hampton Twist jam shreds! Listening to it right now.)

  13. buffalo bill Says:

    Unfortunately I know a little too much about this, but the heroin munchies are brutal.

    Sugar and junk food is key. Had to lose about 50 pounds when I kicked a few years back.

    Not a good combo for a diabetic like jerry.

  14. congrats on getting clean, bill. if you can do that you can probly do anything. my hat’s off to you. of course I dont wear a hat but still






    sorry I’ll stop now

  15. don’t forget a cig every 45 seconds

  16. buffalo bill Says:

    heroin and cigs the #1 cause of most house fires.

  17. selector-she’s a tweaker but a hottie -you’d dig her

  18. this could be the most important question about Hampton..did anyone see the midget/dwarf wookie nitrous girl night 1 at the daze inn-she was a scout for the operation. -tour classic

  19. wizzle1986 Says:

    word!, good lookin alumni, much thanks, cant wait to hear this one

  20. Little Buddy Says:


    I heard about her from a friend that was staying on the “strip” but didn’t see her myself. Classic indeed…

  21. Weyoun42 Says:

    FYI, the SBD’s are no longer free. Here’s the blip from livephish.com:

    “Thank you for the tremendous response to the free MP3 downloads of the Hampton shows. MP3 downloads are now available for $9.95 per show, or $26.95 for all three shows. The entire weekend’s shows are now available in a 9 CD Set mastered by longtime Phish mastering engineer Fred Kevorkian.”

    So, does that mean that the non-free version will have a different sound, I wonder?

  22. @SOAM that might be the greatest thing that has ever happened on any tour ever, pics plz

  23. full tour! Says:

    you mean bridget the midget?

  24. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Alumni – Great work homey, can’t wait to hear this biddy! Good looks!

  25. midget nitrous w00kie girl Says:

    i’ve been wondering what my new nick should be. thx!

  26. Miner, thanks for the great posts and the forum to discuss. Lovin it.

    Did Trey use his compressor at all in these shows?

  27. midget nitrous w00kie girl Says:

    @alumnidog thx for the up

  28. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^^ compressor was used off and on throughout the weekend.

  29. contact420 Says:

    The Ross wasn’t used nearly enough IMO, just sparingly throughout the weekend.

  30. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^@EJ- That’s one of the best Mike’s Grooves out there- but exactly, so much in December 95, and the goal (I think) was one jam from each show…..

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