Full Tour- Finally!

Hampton (W.Rogell)

Hampton (W.Rogell)

Thirteen plus twelve equals twenty-five- now we’re talking!  Dispersing the number of shows constituting a “normal” tour over the course of this entire summer, Phish will soon embark, in earnest, into chapter three.  After a delayed announcement, a plethora of rumors, and even some naysayers, the band delivered a St. Patrick’s  Day gift in the form of the long awaited “west coast” dates– of which half are in the east.

This time around, a video of the earth zoomed in quickly to an undisclosed location in Texas where an “09” was painted on the ground.  Graphic overlays soon turned that into “Phish Summer Tour 09” and the dates started flowing.  Red Rocks, Shoreline, The Gorge, Chicago, Darien, Hartford, Merriweather, SPAC.  Huh?  That didn’t sound so western.  But Phish shows are Phish shows, and who can scoff at that east coast run peaking in upstate New York?  That’s a familiar starting point for a drive to Limestone; just food for thought.  As “Birds of a Feather” provided the late- summer soundtrack, we now had a tour!  Let’s take a look at where this second leg of tour will take us.


Red Rocks - Morrison, CO

After 1996’s debacle outside Red Rocks, Phish would never play the stunning venue again.  After seven amazing shows over four years, their legacy at Red Rocks was locked away and sealed- until now.  Thirteen years after Phish played one of the greatest stands of their career, they will return to the stunning natural amphitheatre in Morrison, CO for another four-night stand!  Though rumored since last year, seeing the dates posted officially is sweet eye-candy, as any doubt has been forever cast away.  If they hadn’t been made already, plans quickly materialized for fans all over the country for the last weekend in July.

Shoreline - Mountain View, CA

Shoreline - Mountain View, CA

After two days off, Phish will stop in the extended Bay Area for one show at the Grateful Dead’s former home of Shoreline Amphitheatre.  The site of many an epic night of Phish, it was a little surprising to only see one show announced.  Reason being, the past three times Phish came through Shoreline, it was for a twin bill.  gorgeAfter Shoreline, there is another day off so people can comfortably get up to rural Washington; out to the the other best venue in America, The Gorge.  With two nights of convergence between music and nature, Phish will cap their west coast tour.  Albeit short, six of the seven shows will take place in the two most amazing venues in the country.  Get ready for some inspired, mind-expanding Phish.


Toyota Park - Chicago

With only two days off, the next show will take place in Chicago’s Toyota Park, a 28,000 person MLS soccer stadium!  In what will be  one of the biggest Phish-only shows of the summer, the band will assume the Bears’ moniker of “Monsters of the Midway” for the night of August 11th.  This one should be an open-air free for all.  Another two days off will give people ample time to get up to Darien Center, NY for a four-night run of historic venues.

Darien Lake PAC, NY

Darien Lake PAC, NY

Starting under the white tents of Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, the band will make an unexpected late-summer, northeastern swing- potentially leading up to something bigger. (Though that is pure speculation.)  Having played three monster shows at Darien in their history (8.7.93, 8.14.97, 9.14.00), expect the fourth to be quite the affair.  In some bizarre routing, potentially to shake extra people off tour, the band will dive down to Hartford,CT, and even further to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland, before popping back to upstate New York to finish tour at SPAC.

Merriweather- Columbia, MD

Merriweather- Columbia, MD

While Hartford doesn’t boast the history of the final two venues, Phish has played a solid two night stand there in the summer of 2000.  The band’s relationship with Merriweather Post dates back to July of ’92 when they played a one set opener for Santana.  Playing three standout shows amidst the forests of Merriweather between the years of ’98-’00,  the venue became cemented in Phish lore.  Finally, making a U-Turn and driving back up the exact same highways, we will head to SPAC- a place where magic happens.

SPAC 6.19.04 (M.Terry)

SPAC 6.19.04 (M.Terry)

Another venue tucked into the forest, SPAC is actually within the grounds of a New York State Park.  Enchanting surroundings encompass the intimate ampthitheatre, to which Phish has responded astoundingly over the years.  Having debuted there in ’92, again opening for Santana, the band returned for big shows during the summers of ’94 and ‘95.  Discord between management and the scene kept Phish away from the venue for nine years, until the legendary shows of 2004.  Having logged four epic shows at the venue, and with it being the last scheduled stop, you can mark this on your calendar as an absolute no-brainer.

Not to be redundant, but with the band is returning to the east after a brief stint out west, I’ve gotta wonder if they have anything lined up for afterward in Limestone (or Texas?!).  One can dream. In addition, I’ve heard the Fenway opener on May 31st is 50/50 at this point, so we’ll see on that one.  That being said, we’ve got ourselves a full-blown summer tour!  Pack up the car, it’s time to “cruise the land of the brave and free.”


latesummerTickets requests are open now through this Sunday!

Public On-sale info can be found here!


06/04 – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY
06/05 – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY
06/06 – Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
06/07 – Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ
06/09 – Asheville Civic Center – Asheville, NC
06/10 – Thompson-Boling Arena – Knoxville, TN
06/12 – Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN
06/14 – Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN
06/16 – Fox Theatre – St. Louis, MO
06/18 – Post Gazette Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
06/19 – Verizon Wireless Music Center – Noblesville, IN
06/20 – Alpine Valley – East Troy, WI
06/21 – Alpine Valley – East Troy, WI
07/30 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
07/31 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
08/01 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
08/02 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
08/05 – Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA
08/07 – The Gorge – George, WA
08/08 – The Gorge – George, WA
08/11 – Toyota Park – Chicago, IL
08/13 – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center – Darien Center, NY
08/14 – Meadows Music Theater – Hartford, CT
08/15 – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
08/16 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY



7.22.93 Stowe PAC, Stowe, VT < LINK

7.22.93 Stowe PAC, Stowe, VT < TORRENT LINK

(Jim Pollock)

(Jim Pollock)

Sticking with the old-school theme, this is a classic performance from the summer of ’93.  Though not a SBD, the music in this show makes it a keeper.

I: Llama, Foam, Horn, My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own, Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Mound, Ya Mar, Poor Heart, Stash, Golgi Apparatus

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Tweezer > Walk Away, Sparkle, It’s Ice, Contact, Possum, Paul and Silas*, TMWSIY-> Avenu Malkenu*, Rocky Top*

E: Freebird

*With Gordon Stone on banjo.

Source: AKG460’s w/ CK-61 cardioid capsules> 45v custom built phantom power supply> Sony D-10 Pro II

Taper: Tom McMinn

342 Responses to “Full Tour- Finally!”

  1. Sorry, that was harsh. Anyway it’s all we’ve been talking about. Why rub it in?

  2. Easy Davey boy…I just got on the website 2 minutes ago….didn’t have time to read the 275 posts. Had no intentions of rubbing anything in….just wanted to see if some others caught wind of the news and scored. I hope you score through the lottery…have faith bro. Positive energy = positive results (or a better chance of positive results).

  3. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    i’m kinda watching all this from the sidelines since my tour will start in asheville and end in knoxville, them i’m done for the summer due to work and finishing up school. If i remember correctly, post hiatus was kinda similar to what’s going on now in 3.0 (minus all the whack ass scalper bullshit.) I remember for post hiatus, there was pretty much no chance in hell to get MSG or hampton through the lottery. People were pissed. My one friend took a piece of ducttape and wrote “fuck” on it and placed it above the phish logo on his t-shirt. people were generally upset and the future was unclear…this was in 2002.

    Then summer tour 2003 rolled around, and people generally had better luck. I know i scored tickets to Atlanta through the lottery and my friends hooked me up with charlotte and raleigh for being the bus driver and hauling everyone’s ass up the east coast. I heard stories of people literally throwing handfulls of tickets into the air, because a lot of the shows were almost half empty.

    Then by the time the “20th anniversary” tour rolled around, tickets were around, except for the boston show, which was billed as this huge event, which sentimentally, it was. Tickets were flowing. people were happy.

    Now, by the time new years in maimi rolled around, i guess the hype levels died way down. People were thinking, ok phish is back and we can just see them whenever and whatnot. Everyone i knew that went to miami ended up either scoring tickets through the lottery, ticketbastard, or straight up in the lot. I even called my friends back in north florida and told them to get their lazy asses down to miami for the last night of phish, and all 6 or 7 of them scored tickets for face or trade in the lot. Tickets were everywhere…people couldn;t give them away.

    Now fast forward to 2009. The hype meter is off the charts again, and rightly so. People are phiending and jonesing for phish. I think during the “retirement” their popularity skyrocketed. It skyrocketed so much that now it’s at a fever pitch. Now, granted we all have to deal with the shady ass tactics of this new scalper industry. Never before in the history of mankind have people been forced to pay $300 for one ticket to one show. I know i broke one of my cardinal rules and actually bought an asheville ticket for three bills this past week. Granted, i scored three knoxvilles straight up on the onsale date. It is possible, but that was dealing with tickets unlimited, which was by far the best ticketing system i’ve ever used.

    The point of this novel i just wrote is just to show that hopefully this fever pitch for phish tickets will die down again once this summer tour progresses. By fall, hopefully, it will be all gravy again. This scalper problem isn’t going to go away. It’s a shame, but it’s something that effects us all now. I really wish that it was possible to still camp out at a ticketmaster location and come up roses with a handful of tickets, but that has unfortunately been replaced with internet only sales which are tilted to the scalper’s advantage.

    It’s kind of odd that tickets were released like this tonight, but all in all most of these tickets did go to actual fans probably and not the scalpers, i hope.

    Just give it time and things will settle down again. I think it’s just this gigantic rush for tickets from every corner of the country that is blocking the arteries. Phish is bigger than ever now, their legend didn’t die down a bit during the retirement. Hopefully by new years, there will be people who can’t get rid of tickets there will be so many floating around. just give it time! who knows, between now and then congress might actually take action and break up the monopoly and greed of the ticket companies and scalpers.

    i know most of my “summer tour” will be spent on my couch listening to the livephish downloads…i kinda came to accept this back around 2004 when it wasn;t such a big deal to miss a few shows. But the five year absense has got everyone, including me, back to where i was in 96-2003 mode where i have to see a couple of shows or i’ll go crazy. shoot for one or two “release” shows somewhere, anywhere….just git-R-done and things will setlle down again!

  4. ^^ You’ve been to shows though. Numerous shows. I haven’t seen one you know what I mean? I have never experienced a Phish show and it’s hard for me to see this kind of stuff happening and just shake it off.

  5. wizzle1986 Says:

    I don’t know if anyone read the trent reznor piece, but the best way to deal with scalpers is to not pay outrageous prices, granted this is easier said than done, but seriously, who is willing to pay $1000 a night just for a ticket to Red Rocks, anyway…if we collectively don’t rely on scalpers then they will either be forced to throw away tickets or come down on the prices, not that that isn’t a risk scalpers are willing to take and someone inevitably has the cash to fork out, but just go through ticket sales or weep with the rest of us and catch what you can for face

  6. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    ^ if it makes you feel better…know that by me not trying for tickets to any shows past knoxville, it might open that door for you. I give up my shot at tickets for you bud! and i hope that one slot i would have taken makes a memory for you that you will tell your grand kids about.

    Shit man, drive to knoxville and i’ll give you a ticket!

  7. Mr.Miner Says:

    I’m obviously not certain, but going on what I’ve heard via friends et al…but when i heard the promoter statement, it all made perfect sense to me…

    earlier i clearly tried to say “I’m honestly NOT trying to gloat.” Sorry bout that!

    I got a call, called 5 friends who called five friends etc…those 4,000 dollar 4-day passes ARE NOT from this release! Those are the SAME scalpers who had Hamptons up WAY early on the assumption they would get them. Ticketmaster just posted these events today (or the last day or two) I would venture to say that VERY few people, if any, who got in on this are posting them to ebay…the scalpers didn’t score here….

  8. Party is over folks….tickets officially cancelled and tonight officially sucked balls.

  9. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^^ tix not cancelled

  10. Those ebay listings were put up today though.

  11. molemanx Says:

    Just keep your head up bro…you’ll get to see them…plenty of times I bet. I know people are all up in arms about the tickets on Ebay, but I literally just counted every ticket for sale on Ebay…..the total….38. I’d say most of the tickets went to well informed phriends of phriends of phriends who have that one phriend that sits in front of ticket sites all day during times like these. God bless that man…
    WHOLE TOUR….I totally agree with you on the hype. It will die down. I was in Miami as well…and actually gave away a ticket for free on New Year’s right at the gate. Also, I remember being at the Gorge in 2003 and actually was stuck with a couple of tickets….I still have them….never scanned. The fringe hypesters will fall off after a few tours and get back to Dave Matthews and Coldplay….you just gotta let it stew a little while.

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    Apparently they were canceled I am now hearing…oh well- that was fun for a few hours!! 🙂 Ya’ll happy now? 😉

  13. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    hampton, asheville, the fox, and red rocks are possibly the hardest tickets on the planet, but any other show i can bet you can get a ticket to.
    Don’t throw in the towel until the fat lady sings, even for red rocks.

    it ain’t over till it’s over!

  14. What a total joke. I’m not happy, but this is a total joke. Where did you hear it was Phish that released them?

  15. I’m hoping for Gorge tix whole tour but they are going to be hard too. Seating is about 20,000 there right?

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    a TM agent told someone that the “promoter” released them when pushed beyond normal questioning….just back to normal people….its still cool- we will all get tickets- Not bummed at all….neither should anyone have been….this place turned into Phantasy Tour for a few hours…..lol

  17. People don’t like to get houdini’d

  18. myers2112 Says:

    Mr. Miner….they are cancelled
    this sucks.
    check your order and click on “more” info

  19. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    sorry to hear that miner, and everyone else taken for a ride tonight….seriously FUCK ticketbastard….what scumbags!

    @eric….NOW HOW ABOUT THAT CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? maybe every angered phish phan should camp out on the steps of congress and not leave until this scumbag evil corporation is taken down!

    @davey, the gorge is pretty big and multiple nights too. i’m sure you have a good shot! plus now that this BS happened tonight, you still have that slim shot at red rocks. just don’t give up.

  20. I don’t plan on giving up. Just got real discouraged/depressed. I think I’m going to follow my previous advice. Night everyone.

  21. I’m definitely a bit bummed, your right though miner, we are just back to normal. It definitely seemed to good to be true. The bummer was really just getting my hopes up real high, (even though in truth I’ve been nervously skeptical all night).

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    I feel you, but in the end, it’s just another Phishy adventure teaching us not to take things too seriously. 🙂

  23. Mugician Says:

    Anyone have anything to say about Shoreline?

  24. Yeah, your definitely right about that miner. I hadn’t been that crazy worked up about something in a very long time, it is a bit humorous on some level. I envy your ability to find the positive in every situation. Too much excitement for me tonight…I’m out!

  25. I’m hoping for Gorge tix whole tour but they are going to be hard too. Seating is about 20,000 there right?

    couldnt give away tix in 03…but things appear different this time around

  26. Bum to the mer.

    So how the hell did this happen and what happens with my confirmation number?

    I know it was messed up and I’m the one hyping the gorge but I love red rocks and after tonight I thought I actually had a chance of going. Before I had no hope of tix and had resigned to the idea of not going.

    Sucks. I felt bad for everyone who didn’t score but they feel better now than those of us who just had our bubble burst.

  27. ^ I don’t feel better, just as bad honestly.

  28. WHOLE TOUR! Says:

    playing with people’s emotions like this is no joke. i too feel bad for everyone.

  29. Mugician Says:

    Davey, I feel your pain. I just want to see them for the first time as well (stone cold sober is what I’ll be, because I’m DEFINITELY going to get to a show, no matter what), I ALSO had a really whack day. I’m rootin’ for you in the lottery (and me also!). I could have died happy on the way home from a Red Rocks show, but yes, it’s definitely looking like I’m going to have to drive to the west coast now. Good luck to all!

    @ whoever said this: we really should get congress to shut that shit down! What happened to “change” anyway? I want to see the music biz crumble and get a new start, because my future as a musician is looking corrupt and evil because of ‘them’.

    I shouldn’t post when I’m this tired.

  30. youenjoy09 Says:

    wow….this couldn’t possibly be more agonizing 😦

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