“No Spoilers” Hampton Downloads


Bag it,tag it, WE ARE DONE!

Thanks everyone – it’s been fun.

Special thanks to Jesse Hurlburt for the rig and tape tonight, and Jamie Lutch (aka Jerryfreak) for the usual magic, and to the rest of the tapers at the shows.

Stay tuned for summer possibilities!

3.8.09 Hampton Set I < TORRENT LINK

3.8.09 Hampton Set II < TORRENT LINK

3.7.09 Hampton Set I < TORRENT LINK

3.7.09 Hampton Set  II < TORRENT LINK


3.6.09 Hampton Set I < TORRENT LINK

3.6.09 Hampton Set II < TORRENT LINK

If you read anything of Phantasy Tour about this project having some setbacks, let me assure you that we are 100% a go!  There is nothing to worry about.  Things are looking just fine for our estimation of getting the shows up within an hour.  Thanks and enjoy!

We *guarantee* the shows will be posted here spoiler free. The ONLY question is how long it will take to up them.  Period. Be patient and don’t bail – you’ve waited 39,936 hours for this – what’s a bit more at this point?

“No Spoilers” is a project to offer decent quality MP3 downloads of each Hampton show as soon as possible.  Only two generic files will be posted – Set1 & Set2+E – and they will be hosted on a safe “spoiler free” page.

If you are patient enough to stay off the grid, this will be the next best thing to being at Hampton.  You will experience the show in tape delay, but also in mystery, without knowing what magical journeys Phish decided to bust out.  You can have a legitimate Phish party if you have enough like-minded friends!  You can warm up with the Clifford Ball DVDs which will have just been released while you’re waiting.

UPDATE: (3/5)

The post titles and/or comments on the right side bar will NOT be spoilers in anyway!  Do not worry!

UPDATE: (3/3)

We’ve been meaning to revise the FAQ, but have been a little busy preparing for liftoff.  Here are the highlights instead:

1. Will you really have the show up within an hour of it ending?

We’re sure going to try.  We’ve done a lot of planning (and testing), but the X-factor at this point is how the wireless upload from within, or just outside, the mothership goes.  If that works, we should be golden.

2. Isn’t your website going to crater?

It’s hosted by wordpress.com, so it shouldn’t.

3. Isn’t the download link going to crater?

The files will be hosted on Amazon S3, so it shouldn’t.

**There will also be a torrent (hosted by Amazon) that should be really fast if there are hundreds (perhaps thousands!?) of you grabbing it.**

4. Will someone beat you to the punch and upload it somewhere else first?

Perhaps.  That’s ok – we are mainly focusing on the “No Spoilers”

angle (although the “fast” side of things has definitely become a factor). If someone can get a show up faster, more power to them.  We are, however, respecting Phish’s wishes and not offering the show for download until the show is over.

So to summarize, we have really tried to think this through, have tested stuff, and have Plan B’s – but anything can happen.  Rest assured, we’re going to bust our collective asses to get this to you as quickly as we can.

UPDATE: (3/1)

We will officially be offering these downloads in torrent files! (As well as regular downloads)  Therefore, If you have a BitTorrent client installed on your machine, please grab the “No Spoilers” downloads using the torrent links- they will be clearly marked.  It would save me a buck or two if everyone used these instead of the Amzon bandwith.  Torrents are made for situations like this..  If you don’t have a BitTorrent client, you could try to download one for free.  Perhaps uTorrent for Windows, and Transmission for Mac.  Or Vuze for either.  If this won’t work, feel free to download it the regular link.

Why torrent? Two main reasons:

1) It will be much faster for you.  The power of a large BitTorrent swarm means you will be grabbing the file from many users – and also from Amazon, as necessary.

2) It will be cheaper for me.  I host these files at Amazon S3 because they are super reliable – this will especially key for these downloads.  Obvioulsy, Amazon charges me for storage and bandwidth used, so if you can help save me a few bucks, I’d appreciate it.

PS: If you don’t know much about torrents, one important thing is to keep your client running after you’ve downloaded the file – that lets you keep uploading to others once you’ve finished downloading!


UPDATE (2/25)

We will be:

-Uploading immediately after the show ends – with Set 1 up within ~60 minutes and Set2+E about 30 minutes later.

-Recording directly to MP3

-Uploading the MP3 using 3G (or, if that’s sketchy, wifi somewhere nearby) beginning a few minutes after the show ends

-Using Amazon S3 for file hosting so the upload and download is fast/reliable.  This will probably cost us an arm and a leg, but what can we say, we’re willing to take one for the team.

-We will probably be doing a torrent as well

There has been a lot of chat lately about a) live streaming the show and b) uploading the first set at setbreak.  We checked with Phish about both those ideas early on in this project, and they clearly said a) no streaming and b) wait until the show is over and then go – so that’s what we’ll be doing.

This project would not be happening without the sage-like guidance of Craig Harris, and more importantly, tapers Mark Hutchison, Jamie Lutch, Jesse Hurlburt and Jason Sobel.  Thank you all, sincerely.


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1. Why such a long delay?  I want the shows fast!

We hear you.  To be clear, it will be *as soon as possible*.  If a taper manages to upload them two hours after the show, “No Spoilers” versions will be available soon thereafter.  We just wanted to give a range, but we certainly hope that is a worst case scenario.  If we can hook up with the right taper (we’re working on it), it will probably be *much* faster than that.

2. What do we need to do?  Can you keep us posted on if/when you’re going to do this?  Can you have a separate “safe” page with all the details?

Bookmark this page: phishthoughts.com/nospoilers and stay tuned for more details.  We are going to do this for sure, and updates will be posted on this page.

This specific page (but obviously NOT the rest of Phish Thoughts) is a safe haven – there will never be spoilers on it.  We won’t even allow comments to avoid accidental or malicious spoilers.

3. Can you email me when the show is available?

We could look at setting up a list to which we would send an email notification.  Of course this would mean you’d need to check your email, where you might inadvertently see a spoiler in the subject of a message from someone else. Email us if you think we should do this.

4. If Phish does a simulcast or an official stream of some sort, this will sort of be a moot point, no?

Absolutely.  And obviously that would be ideal – and fine with us!  We are just doing this as a Plan B for everyone.  There hasn’t been any official word yet, but here’s to hoping!

5. If a taper does an unofficial audio stream, this will sort of be a moot point, no?

Same answer as above. If someone could pull that off and it worked well (streaming is tricky), more power to them. (Though this is against Phish’s taping policy.)

6. What format will these files be in?

They will be decent quality MP3s.  If you speak geek, perhaps VBR -V0. In English, that means that for a 2h50m show that would be 900MB big in FLAC, it will convert down to about a 280MB MP3 download and sound pretty good.

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7. What’s the source going to be?

The detailed technical specs are as follows: “whatever> we > can > get > our > hands > on > first”

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8. You know MP3 is evil, right?

Actually, we’d call it a *necessary* evil.  Don’t get us wrong – we love listening to FLACs and are happy to refer people to them.  We are just trying to be practical and share the music conveniently and quickly.  We want to get these uploaded and downloaded as quickly as possible, and don’t want people to have to worry about transcoding, finding a FLAC plugin for Nero, etc.

We see these shows as “one and done” throwaways.  You’d listen to them once for the effect, but then grab “proper” (i.e. tracked, named, tagged) versions later (either official SBDs from LivePhish.com, or AUDs from here or elsewhere) for ongoing listening enjoyment.

9. Will you post regular downloads with track breaks and labeling for us?

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Absolutely! “Regular” shows (i.e. tracked, named, tagged, setlist) will be available ASAP on Phish Thoughts’ home page.

10. Will they be straight downloads?  Torrents?

We are working out the details – at the very least we’ll do straight downloads, we may do both.  Straight downloads are simpler, torrents might be faster.

11. I have trouble with RAR files, will these just be mp3s?

Shows are usually RAR so that all the tracks are grouped together.  But the other reason is because it lets you discover errors with the download (i.e. if you unrar and it gives you an error, you’d know to download again – which is better than finding out your download was corrupt halfway through listening to it).  We will zip or rar these, even though it’s only two files per show.

12. I love it!  Can you do it for the whole summer tour?

Baby elephant walk steps!  If this goes well and there is demand moving forward, we’ll definitely consider it.

13. Can you offer “CD friendly” versions (i.e. max of 80 minutes so they can be burnt on a CD)?

This is an interesting point for anyone that would be burning these as opposed to listening digitally somehow.  We’ll consider it.  The main issue is that we then need to worry about tracking (i.e. cutting at an appropriate point in songs) and that would delay things a bit on what is sure to be an already hectic (and hazy) evening.  In all likelihood, we will not have “CD versions” of “No Spoilers” downloads.  Email if you think we should do this.

14. Can we do a trial run beforehand?

We’ll test things out beforehand and make sure it goes smoothly and so you know what to expect.

15. Why are you doing this?

a.) It’s part of Phish Thoughts’ detailed plan for total world domination.

b.) We are lucky enough to be going to the shows, so we thought we’d try repay our karmic debt.

c.) Because if we weren’t going to the shows, this is how we’d want to be listening to them ourselves.

16. What about LivePhish?

LivePhish is great!  And if you’re careful, you can avoid seeing most important info (we’ll even show you how someday).  If memory serves, LivePhish during v2.0 would usually get the shows up the next day, sometimes the day after.  They need to do a lot more stuff (including getting clearance for covers, etc.) so “No Spoilers” would almost always be a faster/safer solution.  But please read the next point on Mockingbird and donations.

17. I think this is a cool idea – how can I contribute?

Stay tuned – we’ll let you know if we need any help.  If you mean donate money, we’d suggest either:

The Mockingbird Foundation (All the money Phish makes from LivePhish.com downloads actually goes to The Mockingbird Foundation.)


The WaterWheel Foundation

18. I was going to go to Hampton, but this is such a good idea that now I think I’ll just stay home and listen instead.  Where can I send my tickets?

We will reluctantly, and out of the goodness of our hearts, be willing to take those off your hands.  Email nospoilers@phishthoughts.com for address information. 😉

19. Is Phish ok with you doing this?

Yes they are.  These downloads, as all downloads on Phish Thoughts, comply with Phish’s taping policy

as outlined here: http://www.phish.com/guidelines/index.php?category=6


We imagine there will be a lot of different sources available after the show – we’re just not sure how “safe” they will be.  We want to send a shout out to all the tapers, an unsung group of heroes that have contributed immeasurably to the community over the years.  Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off. Hug the next taper you see- just STFU and mind their equipment while you’re doing it!

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